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Why Kampmann’s German-Made, Fan-Assisted Heating and Cooling Solutions May Be Right for Your Project

Hoffman Hydronics is proud to partner with Kampmann, a second-generation, family-owned manufacturing company, specializing in trench heaters, convectors, and fan coil units.  

Kampmann campus
Image courtesy of Kampmann

Founded in 1972, Kampmann is headquartered in Lingen, Germany, and in 2015, they built upon their market success in Europe by expanding to North America.  

Kampmann invests heavily in their in-house R&D facility to provide state-of-the-art fan-assisted heating and cooling solutions in the most efficient way possible. 

Through a partnership with Tunstall Corporation, Hoffman Hydronics is bringing the Kampmann lineup to the Southeast United States. Let’s dive into what sets Kampmann apart and why their solutions may be right for your next project. 

Trench Heating and Cooling 

Kampmann offers a wide range of trench heating and cooling solutions products. Their ECM motor tangential fan-assisted Katherm QK model delivers 3-5x the output of simple natural convection models with an astonishingly quiet operation.  

Kampman supply and return piping connections diagram
Image courtesy of Kampmann

Kampmann products are designed with high-efficiency heating and cooling systems in mind — they’re made to utilize lower return water temperatures for your condensing boiler applications. The supply and return piping connections are both on the same side of the unit, which makes pipe installation easier and the temperature gradient more even because the return piping runs within the element itself.  

Rollup grille sections make for easy access to the units and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Kampmann can also add cooling capabilities to these trench systems and if water is not available, they can offer electric heating models as well.     

Fan Coils 

Kampmann Venkon model fan coil unit
Image courtesy of Kampmann

Kampmann’s Venkon model fan coil units are slim, compact, and aesthetically pleasing. These units are suitable for use with a heat pump or any other low-temperature system. The Venkon uses an EC fan for super quiet operation and low energy consumption.  

The Venkon’s modern styling, compact sizing, and quiet performance make it a perfect solution for any application. 


Kampmann custom curved section
Image courtesy of Kampmann

In addition to their product offering, Kampmann offers custom solutions for specialty projects. Curved sections, mitered corners, and column cutouts are no problem when using the Kampmann line! For those high-profile jobs, CFD analysis and approval drawings are available as well as an extensive library of AutoCAD/Revit and BIM data. 

For more information on how to get Kampmann on your next project, reach out to your local Hoffman Hydronics representative today. 

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