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4 Things to Know about Raypak Boilers

Commercial hydronic boilers are definitely not one-size-fits-all. Building owners, HVAC design engineers, and equipment manufacturers assess multiple parameters prior to selecting boilers for each project. An entertainment complex may require different systems than a hospital, and a commercial office building may require different systems than an entertainment complex. For every application, our sales engineers work with a few commercial boiler manufacturers, including Raypak, to determine the best boiler solution.  

Raypak offers a wide range of boilers, including condensing boilers, modulating boilers, and more traditional boilers.  Additionally, they offer a variety of domestic hot water heaters. Raypak also has an extensive pool and spa product selection.  

Here are 4 things to know about Raypak boilers:  

  1. Raypak offers an optional monitoring feature to many of their hydronic boilers, VERSA IC intelligence with Raymote™ connectivity. With this feature, you can remotely monitor your equipment through the mobile app or web dashboard. Whether you want to receive real-time service notifications to keep you informed, view and manage your Raypak systems at multiple sites, or view historical data and performance reports, the VERSA IC with Raymote access has you covered. This smart technology even has self-learning features that prevent equipment damage, saving you time and money in the long run. 

  2.  Raypak’s high-efficiency hydronic boilers are designed for maximum performance with up to 98% efficiency on select models. 

    1. XVers™: 95.5-96.2% Efficiency 

    2. XVers L™: 97.2%-98% Efficiency 

    3. XPak FT®: 84.8%-96% Efficiency 

    4. XTherm®: 96% Efficiency 

    5. XFIIRE™: 96-96.5% Efficiency  

  3. If you have a small space, Raypak's Modulating Vertical Hydronic Boiler (MVB) could be the most suitable commercial HVAC solution for you. This hydronic boiler operates at 87% thermal efficiency at full rate and is specifically designed for venting versatility and long-term performance. It’s designed for installation flexibility, ease of commissioning, and reliability for your small space. It even can add VERSA IC intelligence with Raymore connectivity for real-time monitoring no matter where you are.  

  4. Raypak’s boilers are award-winning commercial HVAC products. Raypak’s XVers L and XFIIRE both won in the HVAC Commercial Equipment category in the 2020 Dealer Design Awards. The XVers L took home gold with its high efficiency, flexibility, and VERSA IC capabilities. The XFIIRE won the bronze award for its functional design, adaptive controls, and high efficiency.  

Raypak boilers are an excellent solution to saving time and money on many project types. With their energy efficiency for maximum performance, versatility, real-time monitoring, and functional design, they are the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. 

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