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6 Benefits of the TACO KV Series Vertical Inline Pump

With nearly 100 years of experience in the industry, Taco Comfort Solutions® has become incredibly educated and efficient in hydronic technology for heating and cooling. This is highlighted in their KV Vertical Inline Pumps Series. This vertical inline close-coupled pump is a centrifugal pump that commonly operates for the circulation of water in commercial buildings. They are commonly compared to end suction pumps; the big difference is that physically, the suction includes a longer path to the eye of the impeller, allowing both the suction and discharge connection to be in line with the piping. Learn more about the differences between the two here.

The KV Series has many benefits due to its configuration. We narrowed them down to a few.

Here are six benefits of the TACO KV Series Vertical Inline Pump:

  1. It has a close-coupled design.

    1. With a close-couple design, it removes the need for a separate coupling, eliminating the need for coupling alignment as well.

    2. This allows for improved alignment and increased seal life.

  2. They are specifically designed for optimum performance and ease of installation.

    1. GPM: 40-2,400

    2. Head (ft): 10-380

    3. HP: ¾-60

    4. Sizes: 1-1/2”-8”

  3. It does not require isolation pads.

    1. This unique design saves space, time and money.

  4. These pumps pull out from the back.

    1. No need to disconnect the pump from the piping system to work on it, allowing for easy maintenance.

  5. The axial load is hydraulically balanced.

    1. This increases bearing life, better pump efficiencies, and lowers NPSH requirements.

  6. It is made to have different options added on to it for optimal use, including:

    1. Support Stand: The stand’s easy access bolt holes make installation and maintenance even easier.

    2. Replaceable Casing Wear Ring

    3. Pump Support Bracket

    4. Optimized Efficiency Package: This is designed to increase total efficiency by just adding a simple Permanent Magnet motor, saving on energy and the environment.

    5. eLink™ Taco Connectivity: eLink provides easy access to product spec, technical documentation, instruction manuals and more.

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