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Three Reasons HVAC Professionals Should Join an HVAC Trade Organization

Trade organizations are a great tool for professionals to build relationships in their field, stay connected to industry trends, and develop new skills. There are plenty of organizations to join in the commercial HVAC Industry, and here are three reasons why joining one may be the right fit for you.

Professional organizations provide countless opportunities for networking

Many trade associations host events and conferences where you can meet other professionals who work in the HVAC industry. Not only can you meet people who may become customers, or representatives from companies that may become collaborators, but you can also make lifelong friendships.

Events such as ASHRAE’s Winter Conference, the Women in HVACR Annual Conference, and the AHRI Leadership Forum are great tools for mingling with your customers and collaborators while learning about the work they are doing.

Simply being a part of a professional association extends your network. With a member directory at your fingertips, you can reach out to fellow association members to discuss work-related matters they may have special insight on, or just form a friendly connection. This can be critically important when you’re working on complex HVAC design projects or want to learn more information about commercial HVAC equipment like chillers, air handling units, and more.

Many trade associations and professional organizations offer continuing education opportunities

Are you an engineer who needs Professional Development Hours? A technician who wants to brush up on equipment skills you haven’t used in a while? Or maybe you’ve heard of new technology in the HVAC industry and just want to learn more? A professional organization may just have what you’re looking for!

A primary function of trade associations and professional organizations is to mentor and educate young professionals who are the future of HVAC, and so many of these groups provide top-of-the-line courses and certification programs of their own. Others may have discounts or scholarship options for outside educational opportunities.

Stay on the pulse of the commercial HVAC Industry with newsletter access and connections to experts

Professional organizations often create regular newsletters that compile major industry news for their members. You may learn about a new product, major technological development, or corporate merger by staying tuned in with your professional organization. It can be difficult to stay in tune with your field when you are so focused on your day-to-day work – so having fresh information land in your inbox can streamline that for you.

Additionally, if you have questions about anything HVAC-related or want to verify new information you have learned, you can find a member in your group’s directory who has the expertise you need.

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