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Pump Talk: 6 Advantages of Variable Speed Pumps

We’ve already discussed how variable speed pumps have efficiency advantages. But what are some of the other advantages that variable speed pumps bring to the table?

Taco Comfort Solutions, one of the manufacturers Hoffman Hydronics represents, offers quite a few reasons why engineers, building owners, and contractors should consider this option for their HVAC systems.

  1. Better performance. Variable speed pumps offer a more efficient method of pump balancing, better system balancing, and lower noise in piping. Better control prevents cavitation and the variable speed pumps eliminate valve blow by allowance for expansion.

  2. Longer equipment life. Variable speed pumps offer a soft start and stop which is much easier on the motor. There is lower pressure on the components and valve actuators absorb less pressure.

  3. Lower life cycle costs and lower installation costs. We all know that money talks. These pumps offer reduced maintenance, small pipes (design 10-12ft/sec), and require less tonnage in the chiller plant.

  4. Chiller plant optimization. Variable speed pumps have better ΔTs.

  5. Protection device for motor. Variable speed pumps protect against phase loss, voltage imbalance, overcurrent, and more.

  6. Reduced energy cost. Take a look at this chart:

Energy cost curve for Variable Speed
Image courtesy of Taco Comfort Solutions

If you're still not sure if variable speed pumps could offer advantages for your next project, contact Hoffman Hydronics for more information!

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